Our Mission

Serving and Learning from the
orphaned, widowed, poor and oppressed.

Global Connections addresses social injustice through sustainable humanitarian aid to the orphan, widow, poor and oppressed while providing opportunities to serve and learn from the world’s marginalized people.

Global Connections serves as a conduit between people, organizations and resources internationally and domestically. We partner resources and volunteers with organizations that are run by and serve indigenous citizens in areas where other large non-governmental organizations are not serving.

Rethinking Humanitarian Aid

Global Connections is a non-profit created to address social injustice through sustainable humanitarian aid, while providing opportunities to serve and learn from the world’s marginalized people.

Our History

In the summer of 2005, a trip was planned to a village in Kenya, Africa. The purpose of the trip was to work at the Limuru Children’s Centre about 25 miles north of Nairobi. The Limuru Children’s Centre was not supported by any organization but was rather a labor of love for a few local individuals. Although doing the best they could with the resources available, the children’s center lacked a great deal of the necessities that many take for granted.   

Moved by the experience of the trip and the desire to help those less fortunate, a nonprofit organization, Global Connections, was formed by some of the trip participants to support the Limuru Children’s Centre as well as other causes in the area. As a result of the continued efforts of Global Connections, the Limuru Children’s Centre has grown considerably.