Limuru Children’s Centre (LCC)

The Limuru Children’s Centres are located in the highlands of Kenya about one hour north of Nairobi. Currently there are four Centres (LCC Main, Baby Centre, K-Branch and Life House) employing a staff of 32 teachers, caregivers and multiple volunteers (therapists, counselors, etc.). The Main Centre cares for 59 boarders and educates and feeds a total of 241 children.

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LCC Baby Home

The LCC Baby Home cares for up to 13 abandoned babies from 0-4 years, and offers hope and a home to little ones left without a family. We aim to give these babies lots of love, care and attention, including medical and therapeutic intervention if needed.

Plans are underway for a new building for the babies. We are so excited and hope that we will be able to fit in 15 babies comfortably. Please pray for the details and finances for this project.

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Life House

As our LCC children have begun to move from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood, it has become apparent that we need specialized programs to help them transition successfully to independence. We are excited to announce the addition of Life House – a transitional home for LCC high school students.

Kenyan house parents live with the teens at Life House and model a Christian lifestyle and “normal” family life for these youth. Life House programming emphasizes a parent-child relationship, healthy family/marriage dynamics, spiritual development, counseling, life skills, and entrepreneurship.

We have rented an apartment building near the LCC for Life House with parent quarters, shared apartments for the teens, and a large common area. The teens help plan the Life House events and handle the majority of the cooking and shopping for themselves.

We plan to offer Life House type programming to all kids at the LCC in increasing degrees as they approach high school.

Get Involved – How you can help:

Godparent Program

Many of our Global Connections supporters are familiar with the godparent program that pairs children at the LCC with parents/families who support them financially and also commit to surrounding the children with prayer. This is a long-term commitment; we have godparents who have supported their children through elementary school, high school, and are now supporting them as they pursue a college degree. The $100 monthly contribution largely covers the costs of the child’s education.

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Adopt-A-Crib Sponsorship Program

The Baby Centre has created an adopt-a-crib sponsorship program to help care for abandoned babies.  A $100.00 monthly gift supports a crib at the Centre. This is an ongoing need in the Baby Centre – if/when the child is adopted, another baby who needs a home will come into their crib. We need continuous prayer and financial support for these babies!

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