Limuru Children’s Centre (LCC)

The Limuru Children’s Centres are located in the highlands of Kenya about one hour north of Nairobi. Currently, there are four Centres/Partnerships (LCC Main, Baby Centre, K-Branch and Life House) employing a staff of 40+ with multiple volunteers, therapists, and counselors. The combined branches care for 46 boarders and provides education and food for over 200 children.

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LCC Baby Home

The LCC Baby Home cares for up to 20 (sometimes more due to need) abandoned babies from 0-4 years, and offers hope and a home to little ones left without a family. The baby home family provides basic needs, including medical and therapeutic intervention as needed, as well as providing the love so integral to a child’s development.

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Get Involved – How you can help:

Godparent Program

Many of our Global Connections supporters are familiar with the godparent program that pairs children at the LCC with parents/families who support them financially and also commit to surrounding the children with prayer. This is a long-term commitment; we have godparents who have supported their children through elementary school, high school, and are now supporting them as they pursue a college degree. The $100 monthly contribution largely covers the costs of the child’s education.

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Adopt-A-Crib Sponsorship Program

The Baby Centre has created an adopt-a-crib sponsorship program to help care for abandoned babies.  A $100.00 monthly gift supports a crib at the Centre. This is an ongoing need in the Baby Centre – if/when the child is adopted, another baby who needs a home will come into their crib. We need continuous prayer and financial support for these babies!

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